About Our Organization

Pi Research Development Centre (PiRDC) has been in a constant endeavour to provide a safe, motivational, and a research-friendly environment to the young researchers in Bangladesh, who want to put forward their ideas and innovations through sheer will and hard work. However, the path towards achieving our goal is not a smooth one. People in our country get only a few centers available conducting the comprehensive research activities in true sense. Despite their contributions, the fact of raising a research oriented active group to support the young researchers is still in the dark due to lack of proper initiatives. Unfortunately most of the research centers failed to show any effective step or fruitful activities. Therefore, the young researchers who want to build a career in their respective research fields need to battle hard with the very limited number of resources and technical assistance from a good research center. Moreover, they have faced difficulties to find the dedicated and experienced researchers who will rightly guide them in future. Hence, Pi Research Consultancy Center, who started its journey three years ago with an aim to make a different streamline enlightened with the good values, updated knowledge and intense desire to develop a scientifically sound society through which the research activities in our country can run a long way ahead.

Visions & Goals

Our Visions:

  • To create a vibrant, national and international collaborative platform, for the researcher and research activities in Bangladesh

  • To make a thousand accomplished researchers & reviewers of global standards in the country.

  • Our organization deals with various projects, accomplishes a lot of tasks and is continuously moving towards our mottos. Our collaborative work will help the young generation to focus on their research works by pursuing a friendly, resourceful and innovative environment. We can provide more technical support, appropriate guidance and assistance that will help the researchers doing their best for a better outcome.

Our Goals:

  • To conduct impactful, benevolent, and trend changing research works

  • To develop a transparent, ethically standard, and progressive Institutional Review Board (IRB) by 2030

  • To initiate, a nationally representative independent indexed (Ex. PubMed) journal by 2030

  • To develop a competent research institute to participate International funding call by 2030

  • To widen the scope of job opportunities and alleviate unemployment in Bangladesh.