Privacy strategy

Maintaining the privacy of visitors, collaborators, employees, advisors and all personnel involved with PiRCC by any means is always our highest priority. Name, address, family information, occupation of financial information, health data- all kinds of personal information will always be private and confidential. Disclosure of any kind of information is strictly prohibited without informed consent.

All privacy regulations and practices are controlled according to PiRCC Data Privacy Principles. Our data privacy program has a global standard infrastructure to maintain the excellency of compliance. PiRCC strongly maintains a framework of principles and practices meant to guarantee adequate data protection, especially for transfers beyond the country.

Privacy considerations

We recommend you to go through privacy statements thoroughly, which outline the manner in which we handle your personal data and outline your rights and our duties. Your communications with PiRCC (as a collaborator of research projects, a trainee, etc.) are covered by these privacy strategy.

Website Privacy considerations

This serves as a statement for people who visit this website.

Privacy considerations for collaborators

This notice is for healthcare professionals we build or maintain relationships with, our clients or potential customers, and legal entity representatives or contact persons,

Third-party privacy considerations

This statement is for natural individuals (such as self-employed health care professionals), legal entity representatives or contact persons, and visitors to one of our premises.

General Privacy considerations for External Stakeholders

This notification is for institutional decision-makers, government employees, legislators, media personnel, patients and patient representatives, and hospital and health care center affiliations.

Pharmacovigilance, medical information, and quality complaints privacy notice

Privacy considerations for adverse events, information, and quality breach of research

This notice is for people who report adverse events, people who provide safety information concerning our research projects and submit quality control complaints, and people who are the subject of adverse events and quality breaches.

Privacy considerations for job applicants

This is for job seekers looking for a role to play in PiRCC

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube community guidelines

These guidelines are for people who visit our social media sites and pages.

Contact us

If you wish to contact us regarding how we use your personal information, please email us at You may also write to us at To facilitate the most efficient answer, please provide information regarding how you are involved with us and what kind of response you expect from us.