Project Description

Author: Amin et al.


Poisoning and snake bite are commonly encountered emergency situations in Bangladesh. The magnitude of health problem due to poisoning and snake bite in Bangladesh is not clearly known. A large number of poisoning cases remain un-reported due to lack of information and awareness at community level. Therefore, study on ‘baseline survey on cases of poisoning in tertiary care and its outcome’ has been designed to collect baseline information and assess magnitude of health problem that occurs due to poisoning and snake bite.

Study area was selected purposively, where higher incidence of poisoning cases was reported by government authority and ease of access to the involved doctors. All the Medicine units of Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) were selected for the present survey. Recording of poisoning cases started on 1st October, 2017 and completed on 30th November, 2017.

During study period total 10,594 cases were admitted in DMCH; among them 650 cases (6.14%) were due to poisoning.There were 5 deaths ( 2 due to OPC, 2 due to other pesticide, 1 due to kerosene poisoning).Highest 203 cases ( 31.2%) were found due to commuter poisoning followed by 83 cases ( 13.6%) due to benzodiazepines and , 49 cases ( 7.5%) of harpic poisoning. 46 cases ( 7.5%) following snake bite were recorded. 40 cases (6.2%) were brought in DMCH due to unknown poisoning. Regarding pesticide poisoning, 54 cases (8.8%) of poisoning were found due to organophosphorus compound, 5 cases (0.8%) due to carbamate pesticide, 64 cases ( 10.5%) by other pesticides. Most of the cases belong to younger age group (16- 30 years) with male predominant victims. Case fatality was observed between 15- 26 years of age. GSC < 9 was associated with 3 cases of death. Main cause behind poisoning was suicide (57.4%) followed by stupefying (32%), accidental (9.8%), homicidal ( 4%) and others. Familial disharmony was responsible for suicide in majority of the cases.

Creation of evidence by recording cases of poisoning and snake bite need to be done for identifying the extent of problem. Provision for necessary supply of logistics at appropriate level of care is required. In depth studies related to various aspects of poisoning by different agents could be conducted for further improvement of management and prevention.

Status: Ongoing

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