Project Description

Author: Hossain et al.

Summary: Scientific studies have indicated that screen time and subjective sleep quality might play a role in blood pressure elevation. However, the association of these two factors with the emergence of hypertension is still unknown. Therefore, this study aimed to assess the relationship of the screentime and subjective sleep quality with the development of hypertension. The case‒control study will be conducted in the Hypertension and Research Center, Rangpur, for a period of six months. Participants attending the study center for blood pressure check-up and hypertension screening will be approached for this study. A total of 160 patients will be included according to the selection criteria in the two groups: 80 cases and 80 controls. Newly diagnosed hypertension patients according to American Heart Association guidelines will be included as cases, and age- and sex-matched apparently healthy participants will be included as controls. A semi structured questionnaire will be developed containing sociodemographic information, information regarding subjective sleep quality and screentime. Subjective sleep quality will be assessed by the Bengali validated Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index. Screentime will be assessed by the total duration of screen exposure in a day, including background exposure and direct exposure. Face-to-face interviews will be conducted for data collection. The collected data will be checked for errors and stored anonymously. Data analysis will be conducted by using IBM SPSS Statistics for Windows, Version 23.0. Armonk, NY: IBM Corp. Ethical clearance will be sought from Bangladesh Medical and Research Council. The study will be conducted according to the Declaration of Helsinki.

Status: Ongoing

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