Project Description

Author: Saha et al.


Body shaming, defined as stating something harsh or unfavorable about someone’s body, is a major problem in many developing countries. Adolescent girls are the most common victims of body shaming. However, body shaming can be avoided with proper understanding and extension in our society. This study will thus assess the knowledge, consequences, and effects of body shaming among school-going adolescent girls in two schools (English medium and Bangla medium) and a madrasah from Sylhet district through a cross-sectional approach. The period will be six months extending from March 2023 to August 2023. After taking informed written consent, a total of 405 girls (135 from each study center) will be approached for face-to-face interview with a semi-structured questionnaire. To ensure anonymity and confidentiality, the names of the participants will not be collected, and only the principal investigator will have access to the collected data. At the end of the data collection, the raw data will be extracted and imported into statistical software for analysis. The data will be analyzed by SPSS version-26 and will be expressed as tables, charts, and figures. Ethical clearance will be sought from the Ethical Review Committee of Public Health Foundation of Bangladesh, and the research will be conducted following the ethical guidelines of the 1975 Declaration of Helsinki and its later amendment.

Status: Ongoing

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