Project Description

Author: et al.


With the widespread usage of screen-based devices, a public health concern is also growing regarding the adverse effects of screentime on human health. A few shreds of evidence indicated a possibility of negative impact of screentime on male fertility, which is still unclear. Therefore, this study will aim to evaluate the relationship between screentime and male infertility. This cross-sectional analytical study will be conducted in ————- for a period of eight months (——- to ——–). Prior to the study, ethical clearance will be sought from Public Health Foundation. The spouses visiting the study center with the complain of primary infertility will be approached and a total of 300 male participants will be included according to inclusion and exclusion criteria. Following informed written consent, all participants will be subjected to details history taking (socio-demographic information, screentime related information) and laboratory investigations (serum testosterone level, semen analysis). A semi-structured questionnaire containing all relevant information will be constructed for data collection. Data analysis will be performed with the statistical program Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 25.0 and In a p value of ≤.05 will be considered statistically significant. This study will conform to the guidance of the current Declaration of Helsinki.

Keywords: screentime, male infertility, sperm quality, semen analysis, screen-based device

Status: Ongoing

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