Project Description

Author: sharif et al.


Snakebite envenomation poses a significant health risk, particularly in low-resource settings where access to proper treatment is limited.

This study reports two cases of Russell’s viper bites in rural Bangladesh, involving 48 and 35-year-old males, respectively, and highlights the difficulties in providing adequate medical care and in treating any complications that may arise. Both cases involved delayed access to healthcare, initial visit to traditional healers, and the development of severe complications such as coagulopathy, renal failure. After the intervention both cases survived which is scarce in low resource settings.

The cases underscore the importance of early recognition, appropriate management, and improved healthcare infrastructure to optimize survival outcomes in snakebite cases in resource-limited settings. These cases will contribute valuable insights to the field of snakebite management and provide guidance for improving survival rates and outcomes among snakebite victims in Bangladesh.

Status: Completed

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