Project Description

Author: Anam et al.


Low Back Pain (LBP) is defined as pain and discomfort located below the coastal margin and above the inferior gluteus folds, with or without referred back pain. Mechanical low back pain is one of the most challenging common problems in all developed and developing countries. It causes great loss of working days & capacity of patients hence reducing annual productivity. The quality of life and sleep are very poor among mechanical LBP patients which can be improved to great extent by proper coping strategies. Therefore, this study will assess the quality of life, quality of sleep and coping strategies of mechanical LBP patients visiting Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation department, Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH). This study will be conducted through a cross-sectional approach. The study period will be four months starting from October 2022 to January 2023. A total of 246 patients with mechanical LBP visiting the study place will be approached for an interview. Informed written consent will be obtained before participation. Data collection will be conducted through face-to-face interviews with a semi-structured questionnaire. The interview will require approximately 10-15 minutes to be completed. The questionnaire will consist of questions to assess quality of life, quality of sleep and coping strategies of mechanical LBP patients and to collect a range of potential explanatory variables regarding socio-demographic information (age, sex, educational status, occupation and income level), information about LBP like duration of the disease. To ensure anonymity and confidentiality, the names of the participants will not be collected, and only the principal investigator will have access to the collected data. At the end of the data collection, the raw data will be extracted and imported into statistical software

for analysis. The data will be analysed by SPSS v-23 and will be expressed as tables, charts, and figures. Ethical clearance will be sought from the Ethical Review Committee of DMCH, and the research will be conducted following the recommendation of the Declaration of Helsinki.

Status: Ongoing

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