Project Description

Author: zaman et al.


Early involvement of public health students in research processes is an important step in professional development in near future. To assess the research interest, involvement to research prior the Masters in public health (MPH) course, planning to career in research and potential barriers to involve in research process among the MPH students in the Bangladesh were the objective of the study.

This cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted at 6 universities for six month duration spanning from May to October, 2023. Responses from the 417 current MPH students were included. Data was collected on their demographic characteristics, research involvement prior the current course, future research aspirations and perceived research barriers and challenges.

The mean age of the student was 31.3± 5.7 (SD), range 21-51 years with slight female predominance (58.7%). Of all, 37.5% studying in first year and from 62.5% second year of their MPH course. Two hundred five (30.2%) participants previously participated in a research activity other than academic, as a data collector ; 75(18%) had experience of publication in peer reviewed journal, and 56 (13.4%) published as first authors. Training on the conduct of research was received by 115(27.6) participants, and 365(87.5) had intentions to pursue the career in research in the near future. Way of receiving research training was online medium . On contrary, 66.7% reported facing barriers during their research activities (66.7%)while ascertaining study design was felt most challenging 140(33.6). Factors influencing participation in research activities were, non-health care professionals (adjusted odds ratio (aOR): 1.98, 95% confidence interval (95% CI) (1.04-3.77), p=0.037; being female [aOR (95% CI) 2.11 (1.18-3.76), p=0.012], and having graduation in non-science discipline [aOR 95% CI 2.64 (1.07-6.53), p=0.035], and having training in research activities [OR (95 %CI)= 3.35 (1.9-5.89), p=<0.001]. lack of fund 89(21.3%) considered most common reason for not to choosing career on research.

Conclusion: Despite high proportion of MPH students showing interest in pursuing a career in research, less than one third of the students had any engagement in research other than academic activities. Potential barriers should be considered for further planning.

Status: Ongoing

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