Project Description

Author: This research protocol aims to investigate the perceptions and intentions of researchers towards the use of ChatGPT, an Artificial Intelligence (AI), in their research work. ChatGPT is an innovative AI, which represents a major advancement in natural language processing (NLP). It has remarkable proficiency in generating human-like text on any topic.As a result, it is contributing significantly in numerous fields, including research, due to its ability to generate high-quality text. Despite the immense potential of ChatGPT in research, there remains a lack of understanding about its acceptance and usage in the research community. This study seeks to address this gap, focusing specifically on the perceived capabilities, usefulness, and limitations of ChatGPT, intention to use it in research and the ethical considerations influencing researchers’ intentions to use AI.

To gather an overview of current perceptions and intentions to use ChatGPT in research, this study will utilize a cross-sectional questionnaire based research design.The population of the study encompasses researchers across various fields, selected using a purposive sampling technique to ensure they have minimal knowledge or exposure to ChatGPT. The data will be collected via an online questionnaire, with a targeted sample size of at least 400 respondents to ensure statistical power.

The questionnaire will comprise three parts ,namely; demographic questions, questions to evaluate perception about ChatGPT and further question to assess the intention to use it in research. The closed-ended questions will utilize Likert scale items to observe researchers’ perceptions and intentions as well as insights into researchers’ views. Once the data is collected, it will be analyzed using statistical software for SPSS version 24. This study promises valuable insights into the perceptions and intentions of researchers towards ChatGPT, shedding a light on it’s effective use in research.

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Status: Ongoing

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