Project Description

Author: Hasan et al.


Violence against healthcare workers in hospital settings are a usual phenomenon worldwide including Bangladesh. It is so much common that most of health care professional assumes it as a normal and hence, underreported everywhere. Lack of evidence of number of violence, its type of violence and factors influencing the behavior are a reality. Therefore, to assess the prevalence of violence against healthcare professionals and its forms and extents is the objective of the study. This cross-sectional study will be conducted in Dhaka Medical College Hospital, a tertiary care referral center of the country located in capital of Bangladesh. The study duration will be for six (6) months between July 2022 to December 2022. Ethical clearance will be obtained from the Ethical Review Committee (ERC) of Dhaka Medical College. A total of 408 healthcare professionals comprising equal number of physicians and nurses and who worked in the study site at least for six months will be included. Data collection will be conducted by the trained data collector using a pretested self-administered questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of sociodemographic details (age, sex, level of education, monthly income etc.), violence-related queries (time of occurrence, frequency, type, possible reasons, preventive measures) and possible causes of the violence. Informed written consent will be ensured before participation final inclusion Using descriptive and/or inferential statistics, the collected data will be methodically documented and summarized. The statistical program Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 25.0 will be used to conduct the analyses. A p value of ≤.05 was judged statistically significant in all circumstances. Tables, graphs, and charts will be used to present the findings. The research will follow the current Helsinki Declaration’s guidelines.

Status: Ongoing

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